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23MM - 31.25C
This is a magnificent large Bytownite collectors gem. I cut this from a roughly triangular loupe clean piece of Mexican rough that was over 21 Grams. I bought the rough over 10 years ago and just recently cut it in a Triangle Brilliant or TRIBBLE. The meets are exact and the polish, done on a SPECTRA Ultralap is perfect. This stone would make any collector of fine rare gems very happy indeed!  Triangle Brilliant "TRIBBLE"

I hope you will take a minute to browse through my web site featuring some of the gemstones that I have faceted and other lapidary items made by myself and others. I take great pride in my work and all of the faceted gems that I have cut reflect an extremely high quality of cut and polish. Many are for sale.
I have purchased a large selection of lab created gemstones from a store that closed and I am offering them at very good prices. There are many larger stones as well as smaller accent stones in many colors. They are all very well cut and polished.
Over the years I have accumulated more rough than I will ever get around to cutting, so some of it is for sale along with some faceting supplies. I have
some rocks and minerals that I have collected, and occasionally some equipment for sale.
One of my great ambitions is to build an automated faceting machine and I have a couple of prototype machines that I am working on. To do this I bought a lot of stepper motors and controls and precision positioning stages. Some of these are not going to be used in my design so they will be offered for sale at: http://www.agsmotion.com/.
Please come back and visit again as I will be adding more items as I develop the website and you can contact me with your comments anytime.
I really want to thank my sister, Suzanne, for getting me started with the layout and design for this website. Without her invaluable help I could have never begun to get it up and running.

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